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Brigadier General Edward D. Banta
Stewardship Award

San Onofre Beach ClubThe post-war boom years brought lots of new construction to San Diego County, and that growth included Camp Pendleton. The U.S. Marine Corps had the good sense to hire Myron Hunt, a leading Los Angeles architect whose other projects include the Rose Bowl, to design the San Onofre Beach Club. Created for officers and their families to enjoy, the clubhouse opened in 1946. Now, if you're like me, you didn't know the Marines ever relaxed, let alone at a beach club. But they did, at this Spanish Revival clubhouse with exposed wood trusses, suspended light fixtures, and a fountain room. Outside, facing the ocean, the entrance is flanked by a wood pergola and a wide porch. In recent times, the club closed, and began to deteriorate. Once again, the Marines turned to architects and staff to retrofit the building for earthquake and fire safety, to research its historic paint scheme, and to reproduce original light fixtures. But, beyond that, boy, had times changed.

In the post-9/11 world, military buildings must meet strict Anti-Terror and Force Protection construction standards. Add to that the federal requirement to comply with the Secretary of the Interior Standards for Historic Rehabilitation and you begin to comprehend the complex challenge the Marines faced in bringing their clubhouse back to life. Replacing or modifying the original wood single-paned windows and 10-lite doors was out of the question. The solution? The team had steel-framed windows and doors custom made with welded metal muntins and mullions. They echo the appearance of the originals and satisfy both the Marines and the State Office of Historic Preservation.

Noting the inventive ways the military and civilian design team meshed disaster-proof construction with historic rehabilitation, the jury gave the Stewardship Award to Brigadier General Edward D. Banta.

(Pictured left to right - CDR Joshua Malkin, Public Work Officer MCIWEST -MCB Camp Pendleton; John Preston, Marine Corps Community Services MCIWEST-MCB Camp Pendleton;CIV Danielle Page, Supervisory Archaeologist ); winners' photo by Sandé Lollis, all others courtesy award winners




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