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Marty McDaniel
Return to the Prairie Award

Marty McDaniel and dogFamily ties also play an important role in the success of our next PIP winner. This two-story, horizontally emphatic home, designed by the notable architect William Wheeler, reflects the influence of the Prairie School, which is an architectural style rarely seen in San Diego. It was built in 1912 for Harry and Verna Benbough, the owners of the Benbough Furniture store in Mission Hills. Fast forward to 1963. That's when the parents of our winner bought the house and moved in with him, when he was 9, and his five siblings. No inkling of the home's pedigree was known, and extensive remuddling inflicted on the home during the 1950s had pretty much erased any clues. That all changed in 1991, when the late Donald Covington, and former PIP winner, led a tour of several historic homes for the Burlingame Club and published an illustrated book on its architectural standouts. Our winner's mother and older sister enjoyed Covington's tour, which concluded with a display of historic photographs, and there, to their surprise, was an old photo of their home and details about its origin. Fast forward again. The devoted son, now retired, worked very hard to rehabilitate the home's exterior in honor of his parents. After carefully rebuilding the exterior columns and otherwise restoring the façade's strong geometry, the jury praised him for reclaiming the identity of this seemingly lost architectural treasure. It is now designated as part of the Burlingame Historic District.

Photo by Sandé Lollis

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