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María García
Cultural Heritage Award

Maria GarciaSoliciting and piecing together oral histories is truly an art as well as a science. One gifted interviewer and writer is chronicling the social, economic, and political history of Latinos in Logan Heights, known today as Barrio Logan, through the lens of Neighborhood House, a school and community center founded in the early 20th century. Using her subject's personal stories, vintage photographs, letters, she weaves individual portraits that also reflect decades of change in the local Latino community. By reading this educator's series in the San Diego Free Press, and we strongly encourage each of you to do so, we learn how during the Great Depression, Barrio Logan's American citizens were expelled to Mexico as perceived "job stealers." Albert Flores taught dance lessons at Neighborhood House until 1942, when he was drafted into the Army. He subsequently became a prisoner of war. The Marston family's role to the organization, and to Activist Laura Rodriguez who was raised in the Marston's home chained herself to the Neighborhood House doors in 1970 to protest plans to convert the community center into offices. On the other hand, schoolgirls found a bit of freedom by joining the Lucky 13 Club and neighbors up and down the block were like family. It is a fascinating and important documentary.

Photo by Sandé Lollis

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