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Ann Keyser
Commercial Rehabilitation Award

Ann Keyser in front of the Hotel Marisol CoronadoIn 1927, a young architect, who would later become famous for designing glittering hotels on the Las Vegas strip, completed an elegant, little three-story inn on Coronado in the Spanish Eclectic style. That San Diego architect, Wayne McAllister, enriched the Blue Lantern Inn's façade with a grand arched entry and tall arched windows at street level; wrought-iron balconies; and faux architectural features, such as belts marking the upper two floors and quoins (coins) around the entry arch and first-floor corners. In 2013, a new owner successfully applied for historic designation of this much altered property. Then she reversed decades of so-called improvements. Gone are the trio of striped awnings that hid the lovely glazed arches; the careless coats of heavy stucco, and the obliteration of the original two-tone color scheme. Now the arched openings add stately beauty and admit natural light. The smothering stucco has fallen away, and the original façade colors have returned to highlight surface decoration. In addition, the hotel gracefully accommodates disabled guests with an entry ramp protected by a new, and harmonious wrought-iron railing; and the rear garden, also historic, is an inviting outdoor room.

Photo by Sandé Lollis

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