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Ione Stiegler
Culturally Sensitive Rehabilitation Award

Joseph Reid & Ione Stiegler in front of the University HouseMore than a decade ago, the William Black Residence, a Pueblo Revival home that UCSD used as its Chancellor's home and events space, was threatened with demolition. The condemnation carried a double threat. Built on a failing coastal bluff, the 12,000-square-foot, unreinforced adobe residence was designed by Santa Fe architect William Lumpkins in meticulous detail. Secondly, sacred Native American burial grounds amid an ancient archeological site overlooking the ocean would be desecrated, if not destroyed. The site has been occupied for at least 10,000 years and is closely monitored by the Kumeyaay Nation and the California Native American Heritage Commission. Preservation of the site's human, spiritual and cultural value was paramount as the architect, university officials, tribal representatives, archeologists, preservationists, and other specialists evaluated each possible course of action to preserve both the site and the house. The team, led by our winner, devised construction techniques that stabilized the bluff and installed new utilities with the least amount of soil disturbance possible, all under tribal monitoring.

(Left to right - Joseph M. Reid, Ione Stiegler.) Photo by Sandé Lollis

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