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Gregory May
In the Trenches Award

Gregory May in front of St. Luke's ChapelSome people are born preservationists. They live and breathe preservation. Some of these sterling individuals evolve into preservation watchdogs, on guard 24/7, detecting threats to our precious historic resources. There is such a vigilant steward among us, one who regularly alerts SOHO and the City of San Diego whenever he sees suspicious activity or notices damage or neglect at venerable sites and buildings. In addition, this civic-minded advocate has built an important collection of old San Diego photographs, ephemera and films. Five years ago this month, he launched the Facebook page "Vintage San Diego" to share his collected treasures. Nearly 16,000 people "like" this page. No one pays Gregory to be a sharp-eyed guardian or courageous advocate for preservation. Publically, he's an unsung hero, until now, that is.

Photo by Sandé Lollis

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