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Sterling Hardware Building
Adaptive Reuse Award

Behind those droves of Gaslamp Quarter diners and revelers, resources are still being lost in this National Historic District. One happy exception is the product of a two-family project accomplished over two years. They renovated a distinguished looking 1924 storefront and added a mezzanine. SOHO's jury were excited about the owners' attention to detail, such as restoring the entrance and massive structural wood columns; and about their faithful recreation of exterior trim based on historic photographs. No element was too small to scrutinize, so each brick was hand-cleaned, sealed and secured in walls that date to 1905. Now the historic Sterling Hardware Building is home to the airy, barrier-free Sparks Art Gallery, named for owner Sonya Sparks, who represents one of the collaborating families.

(Left to right - Sonya Sparks, Barry Wilson, Benetta Buell-Wilson, Steve Wilson.) Photo by Sandé Lollis

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