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Members of Heritage Architecture & Planning and SDG&EThis Spanish Revival utilitarian building was constructed in 1926, at a time when even ordinary facilities were designed with care and thought to their surroundings. It has been in continuous use since it opened 88 years ago, but vandals have been hard on its exterior walls, windows and wood doors, and time and the elements had their way with some of architectural elements, like the wrought-iron balcony. A recently completed exterior restoration has brought this seemingly forgotten utility building back to its original splendor in every detail. This restoration is a real head turner, brightening and adding greatly to the streetscape. Look for it the next time you're cruising El Cajon Boulevard.

(Left to right in back- Bill Click, Karl Iliev, Mike Jovin, Henry Ureh, and Derek Good; in front - Abril Ruiz and Carmen Pauli.) Photo by Sandé Lollis

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