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James Rega
A Modern Masterpiece Award

James RegaEvery so often a house of great importance will find itself in the hands of the perfect owner. Such is the case here with a landmark beach cottage at El Pueblo Ribera in La Jolla. A project that is so carefully crafted and so closely reflects the spirit of its legendary architect, Rudolph Schindler, that it elicited intense response of gratitude and awe from the jury and SOHO staff.

The creation of the internationally known pioneer of modern architecture Rudolph M. Schindler and built in 1923, the home survives as a reminder of a time of innovation and experimentation in architecture in California, when men such as Schindler were trying out the new ideas that would guarantee them places in architectural history. The concrete walls, once finely detailed, were crumbling, and the wood detailing rotting. Additions or enclosed areas marred some of the original design. The restoration ranged from rebuilding experimental concrete walls and replicating redwood windows and doors, to dusting off Schindler's own furniture designs and recreating them for the home. A rooftop sleeping porch, which had been enclosed as a bedroom, is back to its original state. The crumbling sandblasted concrete walls restored to original perfection. This and other trademark features have been restored to the great delight of anyone who views it. This is the kind of restoration and stewardship of an architectural treasure one can only hope for and here that hope was realized.

Photo courtesy James Rega

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