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North Park Historical Society
A Towering Achievement Award

Members of North Park Historical SocietyHistoric structures aren't always easy on the eyes, but they have fascinating stories to tell. The North Park Water Tower, as it is known by generations who consider it a neighborhood icon, is just such an engineering marvel. When the 127-foot-tall tower on 12 legs was constructed in 1924, it was thought to be the largest elevated tank in the world. The tank and nine other contributing resources formed the nucleus of the municipal water system that enabled North Park and neighboring areas to thrive. The tower is the sort of cultural resource that can be overlooked by a community, unlike a grand building; the recognition of the tower's own unique beauty and historic significance was not lost on our next winners. The water works are now newly listed on the National Register of Historic Places, thanks to the efforts of the historians and preservationists of the North Park Historical Society, to historians Alex Bevil and Ernie Bonn, and the fifth graders at McKinley Elementary School.

(Left to right - Pat Taylor, Ernie Bonn, Alexander Bevil, Katherine Hon, Kathleen Phillips, NPHS President Steve Hon, and NPHS Vice President George Franck.) Photo by Sandé Lollis

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