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La Jolla Historical Society
Preservationist of the Year

Members of La Jolla Historical Society boardWhen an effective and venerable organization evolves to offer even broader community service, everybody wins. This winner has always been careful to document and archive a wealth of historic materials. Realizing that a community needs more than historic photographs and ephemera to convey a rich heritage, this group has stepped up and become an active and vocal advocate for preservation. Its small staff and committed board and volunteers have taken risks and faced controversy, winning some important preservation victories.

Through the battles, losses, successes, and their ongoing work of great scope and depth, this organization has demonstrated true in the trenches advocacy work, never giving up even when the building was demolished in the case of the rare and wonderful Irving Gill Windemere cottage, making sure the owner was held responsible by the city for its illegal and unethical actions.

On a brighter note, success was found with the Snell Cottages, by working with the owners, neighbors and city staff resulting in the preservation of two of La Jolla's signature seaside cottage homes.

The ongoing fight to save the La Jolla Post Office has been a roller coaster and the society has rolled with every turn and adjusted strategies as needed.

One of the great success stories for the society was working in tandem with other stakeholders to get UCSD to reverse its decision to raze the Black House and restore it instead; the renovation was done by IS Architecture.

Through these numerous accomplishments they have preserved and protected significant character-defining sites of the La Jolla community. They have represented the community to City planners, elected officials and developers to ensure that the existing community character is the driving force where development is pursued.

To cap off this extremely productive time the society has just completed the exterior restoration and adaptive reuse of the beautiful and iconic Wisteria Cottage. Beautifully done and ready for its grand opening it is indeed a gift to the community. We urge you to visit this brilliantly restored site and see the great work for yourself.

(Left to right) Board member Leslie Davis, Executive Director Heath Fox, and board member Laura DuCharme Conboy, AIA. Photo by Sandé Lollis

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