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Corey & Patricia Cheney and Legacy 106, Inc.
Residential Restoration Award

Corey & Patricia Cheney, members of Legacy 106, Inc., and othersRestoring a historic home that's been muddled and abused is not for the faint-hearted or for quick-fix types. Such a home is likely to be scraped and that's that. Amazingly, some owners rise to the challenge and do the right thing. The jury commends the owners and historians who recognized that this home's damage and careless remodeling could be undone and the house restored to its original condition. It's notable for being the home of Thomas L. Kirkpatrick, a revered chaplain who was killed in the Pearl Harbor attack, and as a product of the Quality Building and Securities Company. This resourceful team used historic photos to guide the restoration and even to persuade a doubting city staff that the house retained important character-defining features. They were just hidden or in plain sight, waiting for some TLC.

(Left to right) Ron May, Kiley Wallace, Alexandra Wallace, Patricia Cheney, Jim Stafford, Corey Cheney, and Francisco Mendoza.) Photo by Sandé Lollis

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