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Jacquelyn Littlefield
Keeper of the Flame

Jacquelyn LittlefieldThe Spreckels Theatre has stood as a proud anchor on Broadway and brought high quality entertainment to San Diego for over a hundred years. Last year the owner celebrated the building's centennial with an admirable restoration that polished the building, restored the iconic ca. 1937 marquee and blade sign, and repaired or replicated other early and lost elements. The will to undertake such an expensive project speaks to the integrity, good taste, and grace of owner Jacquelyn Littlefield, whose unusual personal history is inextricably linked to that of the theatre. Her father, Louis B. Metzger, managed the theatre from 1931 until his premature death in 1944 when, at the remarkably young age of 22, she took over operations. In 1962, she and her husband purchased the theatre and saw value in returning it from a movie palace back to a live performance venue. For almost 70 years, she has carried the weighty responsibility of preserving this significant part of San Diego's history and important piece of theatre heritage.

Photo by U-T San Diego/Howard Lipin


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