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Chicano Park Steering Committee
Lifetime Achievement

Chicano Park Steering CommitteeChicano Park was founded in 1970, after residents occupied land being cleared for a California Highway Patrol sub-station. Since then, an outdoor gallery of monumental murals painted during the height of the Chicano Civil Rights Movement has made the park a community gathering place for social, cultural and political events. The original 49 vibrantly colored murals depict Mexican pre-Columbian gods, myths and legendary icons, botanical and animal imagery, scenes from the Mexican Colonial experience, revolutionary struggles, cultural and spiritual reaffirmation through the arts, Chicano achievements and the search for the indigenous self. Leading California Chicano artists painted most of the murals and newer murals continue to decorate the bridge's pillars. These fragile, temporary murals in the unprotected public park would not have survived without this committed group of volunteers who have raised funds to restore the murals and have just succeeded in listing the site on the National Register of Historic Places.

Photo by Sandé Lollis


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