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Richard Crawford
Preservation Achievement

Rick CrawfordIn his 30-year career as a historian and archivist, he has written extensively about the region in over 170 articles for the Union-Tribune, in his blog, his books Stranger Than Fiction: Vignettes of San Diego History, and most recently published The Way We Were in San Diego.

Inspired by newspaper headlines, his easily accessed work highlights San Diego's progress from a humble frontier port to one of the nation's largest city's. The care and accuracy of his reporting makes his articles invaluable to researchers, students, and anyone interested in learning about our local heritage.

Many of us know him as the Supervisor of Special Collections at the San Diego Public Library, or as the former Archives Director at the San Diego Historical Society where he edited the Journal of San Diego History for 9 years. He has also spent thousands of solitary hours digitizing City Directories and other rare and important historical research materials so that they will be available for indefinite use, despite age and fragility.


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