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North Park Historical Society - Steve Hon, Katherine Hon, George Franck
and Daniel Marks

Neighborhood Preservation

North Park Historical SocietyThe North Park Dryden Historic District was finally approved by the Historical Resources Board on June 23, 2011 after hundreds, if not thousands of hours of historical research and writing, four years of city processing, and three public hearings. Located along Pershing Avenue and 28th Street from Upas to Landis Streets, the six-block neighborhood encompasses 136 residences built between 1912 and 1941. It represents a range of historic architectural styles from Craftsman, Mission, and Spanish Colonial Revival, to pre-World War II Minimal Traditional and early Ranch. Close to 40 of the homes were constructed by Master Builders including David Owen Dryden, who built 20 of them and for whom the district was named for setting its high standards of quality and design.

Going through the arduous and lengthy process of establishing an officially recognized historic district is no less than a Herculean effort. Our historic neighborhoods would simply not survive the onslaught of development and remodeling fever without the work of people like these.


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