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Robert & Ingrid CoffinRobert & Ingrid Coffin
Presidential Home Restoration - ¡Muy Excelente!

The conservation of historic buildings and sites depends on good stewardship, and on people who are willing to make major sacrifices of their time and money to ensure these places survive for future generations to enjoy. One of Kensington's most historically intriguing residences was owned and occupied in the 1930s by an aristocratic former Mexican President, Pascual Ortiz Rubio. Since 1977, the current owners have devoted themselves to meticulously restoring and maintaining the Spanish Colonial Revival style home, including its extensive interior wood finishes, murals, ironwork, and other historic features dating to the period when Rubio and his family enjoyed a lifestyle of lavish entertaining and parties. Decorative artwork is the most fragile of historic features, due to the whim of homeowners who generally want to impart their own identity onto their home, but this exquisite home was fortunate indeed to have owners who respected and honored its remarkable art features and dedicated themselves to conserving it.


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