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Allen Hazard
Caped Crusader

Allen HazardDuring a time of crisis in the summer of 2011, a neighborhood came together and critical attention was brought to an escalating situation thanks to the leadership of one community watchdog unwilling to let the "bad guys" win. Historic Mission Hills and surrounding areas had suddenly become the target of a several weeks-long crime spree involving late night thefts of dozens of bronze historic designation plaques from individual residences. Tragically, also stolen were the original more than one-hundred-year old bronze markers on the beloved Inspiration Heights pillars, which had only recently been rediscovered and remounted after being thought lost for many years.

Sounding the alarm bell to SOHO, his neighbors, the police, City Council and the local press, a preservation super-hero emerged to act as a clearinghouse for information relating to the crimes. He drew attention to the fact that, not only were the thieves active in Mission Hills, they were deliberately targeting historic neighborhoods throughout the city and region for their bronze historic plaques and markers, which were being cut up and sold as scrap for pennies. While he is quick to point out that others were involved, no one would deny his tactical persistence in forcing the problem to be taken seriously, for sounding the alarm again and again, and for keeping a watchful eye at all hours of the night for weeks on end.


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