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Christopher Ackerman, AIA, Marilyn Fulton, Dani Grady, & Ralph Greenspan
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Christopher Ackerman, AIA, Marilyn Fulton, Dani Grady, & Ralph GreenspanWhen it was learned that the Captain and Mrs. A. J. Peterson Residence, a masterful piece of mid century residential architecture, was going to be demolished rather than enjoyed and lived in as was promised to the seller when the home was purchased by what was in actuality real estate speculators, these neighbors went into action immediately. First they tried reason. The value of the home, even more than its location facing the golf course in Coronado, was in being a fantastic example of the work of master architect Homer Delawie and an indispensable part of Delawie's indelible contribution to San Diego's architectural history. Coronado's historic guidelines are a mixed bag of sensibilities and the few surviving modern works are in stark contrast to the seaside cottage community's idea of their history, so the education of why the home was so important also became part of the battle to save it.

Rallying the community was long time advocate, architect Christopher Ackerman and neighbors Marilyn Fulton, Dani Grady and husband Ralph Greenspan, and along with the help of a caring councilperson, Barbara Denny, they were able to get the demolition permit denied while they prepared an application for the California State Historic Resource Commission to nominate the home to be placed on the National Register of Historic Places. It was deemed eligible and is now awaiting designation.


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