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Friends of Sikes Adobe & San Dieguito River Park
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Friends of Sikes Adobe & San Dieguito River ParkThe reconstruction of the Sikes Adobe Farmstead is to be highly commended. The San Dieguito River Park, its volunteers, chosen architects, contractors and specialists involved with the reconstruction, all are to be applauded. All but lost in the wildfires of 2007, a fire in which San Diego lost the greatest number of historic sites in 60 years, Sikes stewards were able to reconstruct using the detailed documentation of a historic sites report that was done by IS Architecture in the first restoration, that, coupled with the forethought of the San Dieguito River Park to have the building fully insured, made the reconstruction possible. Along with the reconstruction work it is the Friends of Sikes Adobe who operate it that are responsible for truly bringing it back to life. It is clear to all who visit that the loss of the site in the fire was so devastating that there is a renewed will and determination to make Sikes as successful a museum and cultural site as it can be.


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