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Elizabeth Scalice & Fred Carson
Home Rehabilitation

Elizabeth Scalice & Fred CarsonThe 1926 William and Ida Cook House was designated by the City of San Diego just two months ago for being a good example of the Spanish Eclectic style and retaining a good level of architectural integrity. This was not a possibility when the owners purchased the home that was on the cusp of demolition having sat vacant for 20 years and having suffered both remodeling and neglect.

The home came complete with truckloads of trash in the yard, ivy growing into the windows, serious water damage in the kitchen and bathrooms, and filth on every surface of the home. A hodge-podge of aluminum windows, corrugated fiberglass awnings, and most of the original wood windows that were left were barely intact.

With the disastrous condition of the interior somehow original fabric, such as the gumwood trim and doors, and the Batchelder fireplace, had survived and were able to be restored. The kitchen and bathrooms were beautifully and sensitively remodeled, using period materials and finishes, along with antique lighting and fixtures. Extensive cosmetic work aside, a major rehabilitation of the entire home was done with a full re-plumbing and rewiring.

Rehabilitating the house brought renewed life into this historic home and it is once again a grand focal point in the neighborhood.


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