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Public Restoration - A Promise Kept

California State Parks & Recreation & others involved with the restorationIf only all historic buildings could receive the level of detail and care that went into the complete restoration of the Cosmopolitan Hotel and Restaurant! The Casa de Bandini-Cosmopolitan Hotel boasts an extensive history with its distinctive architectural character and association with significant people and events in the state's history.

After a 6.5 million dollar rehabilitation and restoration this historic landmark has been returned to its historic appearance as the 1869 Cosmopolitan Hotel, fulfilling a 50-year goal and promise to restore the 19th-century landmark.

A project of such magnitude is rarely undertaken in San Diego, with over 60 professionals that included individuals, historians, archeologists, architects, state employees, contractors, artists, and other specialists, engaged in this massive restoration it is impossible to list them all, but suffice it to say it took each individual's personal attention, dedication, care and passion to make this the outstanding project that it truly is. Intensive research and documentation, below and above ground archeology and forensics that took place for the 180-year-old building were an important factor as was the retention, preservation and reuse of extensive original historic fabric, these things together with the use of traditional materials, all contributed to making this a remarkable project. The Old Town San Diego State Historic Park, its partners Chuck Ross of Fiesta de Reyes, current proprietor Joseph Melluso and past lessee Delaware North, all are to be commended for not only the massive restoration but also for taking a difficult stand against an invasive popular culture that had obscured San Diego's significant place in history and hidden our own unique architecture. Instead, the role and duty to all Californians as a state historic park were taken quite seriously, and in doing so, the promise of the preservation and protection of the rich legacy of Old Town San Diego has been kept.


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