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Kim & Joe Grant
Gift to the Street - Residential RestorationKim & Joe Grant

An Arts & Crafts bungalow in South Park was built in 1916 with a river rock chimney and piers, beamed ceilings and useful built-ins. Through the years it also had acquired four layers of composition shingles on the roof, peeling paint, bars on the windows, windows nailed shut, rotted floors and cracked plaster. The front and back yards were a jumble of weeds. Present owners Joe and Kim Grant saw great potential in this house and began a multi-year restoration. The house required a new roof, new plumbing and wiring, and new paint using a historic paint palette inside and out. They restored the wood windows, reusing the historic glass. A 1940s hodge-podge kitchen was remodeled and includes custom cabinets built to match an original cabinet door and drawer. They restored the original bathroom, installing a claw foot tub from a neighbor and a castoff sink from another historic home. The couple added a master bedroom that blends into the house and landscaped with mostly native plants and tall grasses to save water.


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