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Benjamin A. CuevaBenjamin A. Cueva
Greenest Building - Recycling History

For eight decades, four buildings of two distinctly different styles stood side by side, becoming a historic cluster on a notable intersection in Escondido. They became the property of the Escondido Elementary School District, where they were neglected and eventually obstructed plans to expand the Central Elementary School's sports fields. School officials offered to sell the four buildings - a two-story Moderne-style house with a porthole window and three Spanish Revival-style bungalows - to anyone who would move them. While preservationists prefer that buildings are preserved on site, relocation and rehabilitation are better than demolition. Mr. Cueva moved all four homes to two adjoining lots his family owned seven blocks away. Nearly two years later, six families moved in to the renovated and attractively painted cluster of houses. The owner not only provided affordable housing and a sense of community to the families, he also chose the greenest path. He could have built new homes, but instead recognized the higher value of re-use.


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