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Carol Lindemulder
Lifetime Achievement

Carol LindemulderLindemulder paid a surprise visit to Miles Parker at home on the day after the first gathering of what was to become SOHO. She brought coffee and doughnuts and together the two of them forged a plan of action for saving the Sherman-Gilbert House. Parker later referred to her as "the woman behind the man" who founded SOHO. A powerhouse of energy and ideas, she served four terms as SOHO president. She's been active behind the scenes and in front of bulldozers, helping to save the Sherman-Gilbert House, the San Diego Rowing Club, the Belmont Park Roller Coaster, and many other landmarks. She worked on preservation legislation and anticipated the dangers of careless redevelopment. She also steered media attention to SOHO and expanded membership with spectacular parties and special tours held in previously disregarded historic buildings. A full-time artist since 1993, she cares deeply about SOHO and continues to be an avid supporter.

For her ongoing preservation work SOHO is pleased to honor Carol Lindemulder with a Lifetime Achievement Award.


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