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Committee of One Hundred

Originally called the Montezuma Garden, this peaceful attraction was created for the 1915-1916 Panama-California Exposition. For the 1935-1936 California Pacific Exposition, Richard Requa changed its name to Alcazar Garden and added two lovely tile fountains and eight tile benches. Requa based the garden's colorful new design on the Alcazar Garden in Seville, Spain. Following the Expo, however, it fell into neglect and suffered through decades of deterioration.

Finally in 2005, the Committee of One Hundred, under the leadership of President Michael Kelly, began raising the necessary $50,000 for the costly tile restoration. With major financial contributions from the County Board of Supervisors and from other donors, the organization was able to pay for and oversee the meticulous work, and to establish a fund to assist with future repairs. They rededicated Alcazar Garden in a formal ceremony on March 7.

SOHO's Stewardship Award is presented to the Committee of One Hundred for the highly successful restoration of Balboa Park's splendid Alcazar Garden and its beautiful historic tile work.


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