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Siofra & Andrew Nugent
Gift to the Street

The Louis and Minnie Foss/Joseph Burness House is named after the original owner-occupants and owner-builder. The Nugents, who purchased the home relatively recently, removed the faux rock that had been added to the front façade, and replaced non-historic windows with wood windows recreated in kind. The costly and labor intensive restoration/rehabilitation project was executed with great care and sensitivity, keeping original features intact. Thanks to the thoughtful efforts of the owners, integrity was restored and the house became eligible as a Contributor to the Mission Hills Historic District. Not only did the Nugents restore their lovely home to its original appearance, they restored a valuable visual element of the landmark neighborhood's unique historic character. For the restoration of their 1914 Prairie style house SOHO honors Andrew and Siofra Nugent with the Gift to the Street Award.


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