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Restoration is Like a Box of Chocolates

In 1999, as a part of SOHO's precedent-setting preservation agreement, a treatment plan was developed for the retention of eleven of the historic warehouse buildings located within the Petco Park development area. As a key part of this plan, the Showley Brothers Candy Factory, a 100 foot by 100 foot, three-million-pound, three-story, unreinforced brick masonry building, would be ambitiously relocated a block east of its original location on 8th Avenue in order to make room for the Park at the Park.

Constructed in 1924, the Candy Factory operated continuously as a manufacturer and wholesale confectionary business through the 1950s. It was later used as office space and artist lofts, and was listed on the local historical register in 1982.

Acting as the preservation architect for the owners JMI Realty, Heritage Architecture & Planning performed a HABS Level III documentation of the Candy Factory and, as lead architect, oversaw its stabilization and relocation to the northeast corner of 9th Avenue and K Street. The ambitious 280 foot move was a monumental feat of engineering that required 65 wheeled hydraulic dollies and an intricate cable winch system. After the move, a steel frame was constructed on the interior for seismic stabilization, and non-historic paint was removed from the exterior brick as well from the interior walls, wood trusses and wood ceiling. The long missing cast-concrete Showley Brothers shields, featuring a bear holding a peppermint stick, were recreated based on historic photographs, and were mounted to the front façade along with historic signage. With the rehabilitation of the Showley Brothers Candy Factory now fully complete, the iconic building has emerged alongside the Western Metal Supply Building as one of the cornerstones of Petco Park and the Historic Warehouse District. For this important restoration SOHO is happy to present JMI Realty with Restoration is Like a Box of Chocolates Award.


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