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Story Vogel, Suzanne Ramirez & Kelly Purvis
Preservationist of the Year

Story Vogel, Suzanne Ramirez and Kelly Purvis led an important preservation battle to save their community and because of their efforts, Proposition J in Coronado was passed.

The City of Coronado, under astounding development pressure, had zoning that allowed building on 3,500 square feet of dirt, which was a major contributor to tear downs of historic properties on 7,000 square foot lots. Building lot line to lot line was becoming the norm in Coronado, which was destroying the historic development pattern of the town; well-sited homes were now surrounded with box like structures, depriving neighbors of space and light.

After researching zoning law, they wrote an initiative. They proposed a minimum building lot size of 5,250 square feet and together created a campaign to qualify the initiative for the November 2006 ballot. Proposition J passed by 7 votes. Results were later challenged in court but the judge upheld the results. On December 15, 2006 Proposition J became law. And although the City of Coronado continues to seek to overturn the election results to protect development interests, tonight we celebrate the dedication and perseverance that it took to take Proposition J to the people. In the face of fierce opposition they fought to preserve the unique sense of place that is Coronado. This is historic preservation at its very best and we are very pleased to honor Story Vogel, Suzanne Ramirez and Kelly Purvis as our 2007 Preservationist of the Year.


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