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Rancho Santa Fe Association
Preservation by Acquisition

Built in 1836 and situated in the heart of Rancho Santa Fe on a knoll overlooking the San Dieguito River Valley, the Osuna Adobe stands as a historic link and evocative symbol of a time and place important to the history of San Diego and California, including survival in 1846 through the Battle of San Pasqual.

Retaining its historic setting, the Osuna Adobe serves as a fine example of both the architecture of the period and the lifestyle of the early inhabitants that raised cattle and engaged in small-scale agriculture.

After many years in private hands and endangered by the uncertainty of its future, the Osuna Adobe and its surrounding 28 acres was purchased by the Rancho Santa Fe Association with the sole intent of preserving this important historic resource and its rural lands.

For their stewardship of this important historic resource, we are proud to honor the Rancho Santa Fe Association with the Preservation by Acquisition, "Rancho to Ranch" award.


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