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Ron May & the Fort Guijarros Museum Foundation
In Defense of History

The Navy hoped to clear the process to obtain permits to put up a bronze plaque at Ballast Point but they found buried treasure instead. While digging a trench for an archeological review, the archeology team struck a waterline and when the water subsided they were amazed to discover Spanish tiles in the bottom of the trench.

A foundation was formed to further excavate the remains of a Spanish fort and debris from 19th century whaling companies that used Ballast Point for their fishing industry by sifting through debris covered up by a modern parking lot. This legacy has been supported over the years by dedicated volunteers, the US Navy and by the Spanish Consulate. And in 1989, the Spanish Consulate honored its founder Ronald May with the Knight's cross.

SOHO honors Ron May & the Fort Guijarros Museum Foundation: G. Scott Anderson, Pedro Catala, Maria Ferri, John C. Hinkle, Maisie Morris, Paula Reynolds, and Mary Platter Rieger with the In Defense of History Award.


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