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Katharine Hudson, Olga McInvale, Julian Montijo, Lucas Van Winkle,
& Benjamin Wagner

Discrimination Historians

This group of young history enthusiasts tackled a tough issue: racial segregation in our own Lemon Grove. Five students from Oak Grove Middle School in Jamul wrote a 10-minute play about the Lemon Grove Incident for submission to the San Diego County Office of Education's History Day Contest. The students researched and wrote the script, designed the set, and performed the play to much acclaim and were awarded first place in the "best junior performance by a group" category during the County's History Day contest in March 2006 and have now moved into the state competition. The play is well done and helps teach about the 1931 case of discrimination against children of Mexican ancestry and the ensuing court battle. Not only did these five students show a great passion for history through their exploration of this important topic, but they also created a vehicle by which others could learn about this historical incident too.


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