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Brian Martin - Caltrans; Marty Rosen - Caltrans;
Curt Drake - Heritage Architecture & Planning

Bridging the Past

The Cabrillo Bridge was originally built as the grand entrance to the 1915 Panama-California Exposition and stands as one of San Diego's finest examples of early 20th century civil engineering. Now over 90-years old, the Cabrillo Bridge remains one of the city's most beloved and recognizable landmarks.

This restoration project was an intensive repair and maintenance program that included removing the overgrowth of vines, repairing spalling concrete, installing new reinforcing, and cleaning the wall surfaces. While the City of San Diego owns the Cabrillo Bridge, Caltrans is responsible for maintaining the portion that spans the freeway. Repair work was focused on the center three arches. Cleaning involved removing the majority of the dirt and staining while being careful not to destroy the 90-year old patina of the bridge. The custom tinted mortar used to replace the damaged concrete was a blend of three shades of mortar to match the existing bridge color. The end result was a seamless combination of new and old concrete. The repair and restoration work was completed in December 2005 after two years of planning and construction. All work complied with the Secretary of the Interior's Standards for Restoration.


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