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Susan Camiel
Preservation Steward

Susan CamielOver the years, we have all come to appreciate Victorian, Arts & Crafts, and Spanish Revival buildings and the societal developments behind those styles. However, the preservation of Modern architecture and the understanding of its related movement is a fledging, albeit fast-growing, discipline. Two years ago, Ms. Camiel hosted a fundraiser at her home during SOHO's first Modernism Weekend. On that Saturday night, many preservationists, several who did not quite understand or appreciate Modern architecture expressed that they had experienced an awakening! The Bond House, a Richard Neutra design in Alvarado Estates, is awe-inspiring for its architecture alone. However, it is even more special because of the current owner's endeavors to restore every element of this modern master's work, from the landscaping to the vibrant collection of modernist furnishings and art. Ownership of such an important home is a joy for Ms. Camiel, she says that she considers her time living in it to be a stewardship role, one that brings with it the opportunity to share this San Diego gem with others who might enjoy it as much as she.


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