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Katherine Mills
Lifetime Achievement

Katherine MillsIn 1957, Katherine Mills and her late husband Mansfield undertook the design and construction of their home in the La Jolla Country Club area. They took the unusual step of selecting the builder first based on his works they had observed and appreciated. He recommended a little-known draftsman named Dale Naegle, not yet a full-fledged architect, who worked with them to design a home we now recognize as a masterpiece. Mr. and Mrs. Mills moved into their new home in 1958, and from the beginning, Kay has been tireless in her efforts to maintain and protect the house. In addition to creating a manual on the care of features and finishes for future residents, Mrs. Mills has kept a detailed log of all repairs and work completed at the house and a copy of all publications and professional photographs in which the house has appeared. The home was photographed extensively by renowned architectural photographer, Julius Shulman. A comparison of these now historic views with the home as it looks today reveals the extent to which Mrs. Mills has protected this resource. Everything, including furnishings, landscaping, and architectural features and finishes remain completely unchanged after 47 years. As an added layer of protection for her home, Mrs. Mills sought and received historic designation in March 2005. Katherine has been a true steward of this property in every sense of the word and has shown rare foresight that we wish all property owners had. Mrs. Mills has contributed to the architectural legacy of San Diego through the continued care and maintenance of a significant example of modernist architecture.


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