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Grant Elementary's 4th & 5th grade Seminar class
Diggin' History

Grant Elementary's 4th & 5th grade Seminar classMaya Adkins, Zach Adkins, Joshua Basch, Kelley Boland, Kamala Buchanan, Jimmy Curry, Stephen Hager, Grace Kramer, Gabrielle Maginn, Connor Mullaney, Lauren Nelson, Darian Spencer, and their teacher, Patsy Kirk. Twelve students undertook a project to develop a website focused on the park adjacent to the school which had been Calvary Cemetery. Some of San Diego's earliest founders buried there include Ysidora Bandini & Cave Couts and some of their children; their home was the Rancho Guajome located in Vista, members of the Marron family; the Marron Adobe still stands in its Carlsbad location, the Arguellos, and many other historically significant San Diegans. In the 1970's, the cemetery was reworked into a parksite, the majority of the headstones removed, and the few remaining markers were placed into a corner. These children took the nearly forgotten historic site, now known as Pioneer Park, and through their research and website development revived enthusiasm about its significance causing something which had been taken for granted to assume a whole new meaning.


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