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Dave Bark, Bill Pettersen, Dave Gillingham, & Bob Larson
Developer of the Year

PIP winnnerIn 1998, Dave Bark, Bill Pettersen, Dave Gillingham, and Bob Larson became aware of a potential historic restoration project in Little Italy, the site comprised 3 Victorian buildings and 4 early bungalows. Although in sad shape, the buildings had unique features that the partners felt were worth saving. Over the course of three years, the partners (now Amici Properties, LLC) restored and rehabilitated the seven structures. Several of them required new foundations, and all required either major upgrades or total replacement of plumbing, electrical, and mechanical components. The jury remarked that "It took an open mind for this developer to decide to restore these houses and a great deal of dedication to complete the job." So often our historic fabric is torn a stitch at a time; Amici Properties has kept a whole piece of cloth in Little Italy and deserves our praise. The partners dedicate their award to the memory of their good friend, partner, and general contractor Bob Larson, without whom, the group says they would not have even considered the project.


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