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Homer Delawie
Lifetime Achievement

PIP winnnerArchitect Homer Delawie is being honored for his unmatched dedication to saving San Diego's Mid-Century Modern Architecture, which is only now coming into its own. Especially noteworthy are his efforts to preserve the outstanding record of Master Architect Lloyd A. Ruocco, who designed The Design Center, San Diego Civic Concourse, and Scripps Institution of Oceanography, Geophysics Building. Mr. Delawie not only nominated Ruocco to the College of Fellows, AIA, but made certain his papers and photographic record were preserved at the San Diego Historical Society. Homer Delawie has also made valiant stands at the Historic Resources Board, City of San Diego for the fantastic works of Sim Bruce Richards, modernist James Hubble, and other visionary architects. Although most of Mr. Delawie's own creations are too young for landmark status, they will certainly rank high when their time comes. Homer Delawie has greatly contributed to the 20th century historic fabric of San Diego. As the historical timeline expands, Mr. Delawie's commitment to preserving works of the mid-20th Century Modernism serves as a guiding light to a new generation of preservationists.


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