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Senator James Mills
Lifetime Achievement

James MillsSenator James Mills has done so much for historic preservation in his career that it would take volumes to recount. Anchoring these achievements are the State Historic Building Code and the appropriately named Mills Act. The State Historic Building Code is an alternative compliance safety code for historically designated sites which both encourages the retention of historic fabric and design elements, and helps shave restoration budgets. The Mills act provides significant property tax reduction for owners of designated properties. Together these measures are directly responsible for preservation of an untold number of sites throughout California, and of course many in San Diego County. These laws are two of the best tools preservationists have. Jim introduced the resolution that created Old Town State Park. He and friend Jerry McMullen initiated the publication of San Diego Historical Society Quarterly in 1955. His books San Diego, Where California Began and Historic Landmarks of San Diego County are still in print after forty years. Senator Mills is passionately involved with maritime and railroad preservation. Since his retirement from the legislature he has concentrated his efforts with the San Diego Maritime Museum and the San Diego Railroad Museum.


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