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Marston House Museum & Gardens

Wedding Rentals
Frequently Asked Questions

Outdoor weddings are a tradition at the Marston House Gardens. The Gardens provide a beautiful setting for a special day. To ensure that the memories of this day are pleasant, it is recommended that couples read the following rules and regulations very carefully BEFORE reserving a date. All couples granted a reservation assume responsibility for their party's compliance with the rules and regulations at Marston House Gardens.

Interested parties must visit the site prior to submitting a reservation.

Q. What is the cost of getting married at the Marston House Museum and Gardens?
A. Wedding Pricing Guide (1-page pdf)

Q. How do I reserve a date if I want to have my ceremony and reception at the Marston House Museum and Gardens?
A. After reading and agreeing that the Marston House Museum and Gardens is the ideal place for your wedding day, email or call to see if your preferred date is available. Then fill out the Ceremony & Reception Rental Agreement Form (6-page pdf) to begin processing.

Q. How do I reserve a date if I only want to have my ceremony at the Marston House Museum and Gardens?
A. Ceremony Rental Agreement Form (5-page pdf) to begin processing.

Q. How do I reserve a date if I only want to have my reception at the Marston House Museum and Gardens?
A. Reception Rental Agreement Form (6-page pdf) to begin processing.

Q. What does the facilities use fee include?
A. It includes scheduled access for set-up and teardown the day of the event; scheduled access for guests on the day of the event; and your choice of location.

Q. What does the initial security deposit cover?
A. The security deposit is given as part of finalizing your rental of the facilities for your wedding and reception for the specified dates and times. It will be used to cover any damages done, which includes the facilities being left in an unsuitable condition. On the condition there are no damages, it will be refunded to you within 30 days after the ceremony.

Q. What is the capacity?
A. Each of the following locations accommodates 150 people: the South Lawn, the Formal Gardens, and the Oak Tree Area.

Q. Can my guests arrive early in order to view the whole garden?
A. Because museum visitors are still enjoying the property until 5pm, guests should not arrive early. The public may stay in the garden until 5pm. Take this into consideration when planning your wedding. Your guests, however, may arrive prior to the reserved time if you make arrangements in advance with the Wedding Office for their tour of the museum. The last public tour of the museum is at 4:30. Your guests may enjoy private tours after this time if desired.

Q. What if we arrive early at the wedding venue?
A. The contract you sign will cover this; we do not allow early arrival without prior permission. Even if there is no scheduled wedding on that day, the property is often reserved for other events, tours, and facility tours, as well as garden visitors that we need to allow for.

Q. Where do my wedding party and guests park?
A. There is ample parking on Balboa Drive. This map may be used to print and mail, or to email to your guests.

Q. How can my elderly guests get to my ceremony site?
A. Friends or family should deliver disabled or elderly to the front of the Carriage House and assist them in their arrival. Vehicles should then be immediately moved to the parking areas noted on the map.

Q. Can I put up directional signs?
A. Yes, however, signs must be computer generated and limited to the designated area you have rented.

Q. Can we arrive extra early for our photography?
A. No. The Marston House is a very popular place for photography. Only a limited number of photo shoots can take place at a time; other photographers may be booked for the morning or early afternoon shoots. Your reservation includes the time for your photo shoot.

Q. Where and when are we supposed to get ready and dressed for our wedding?
A. You must come already dressed for the ceremony. There are no dressing facilities available on site.

Q. How do I know what length to purchase for my aisle runner?
A. The aisle for each ceremony is determined by the starting point of the procession and is at the discretion of each client. You should know, however, that the Marston House does not recommend the use of aisle runners. We have found that when placed over grass or other natural surfaces, they hide the natural contours of the land, which may prove hazardous or otherwise problematic. In addition, fabric runners tend to crumple after only a few people have walked across them, and occasionally a high-heeled shoe will go right through. We suggest that you use bows and/or small flower bouquets attached to the chairs to decorate your aisle, not runners.

Q. What if it rains?
A. There are no areas on the property to accommodate an indoor wedding. If there is fear of inclimate weather you should make sure your reception site can handle the ceremony as well if the need should occur, or arrange for your wedding planner to have alternate plans in place. Refunds are not made due to weather.

Q. Are you wedding coordinators?
A. No. We only provide the facilities to rent. How your wedding functions is up to you. However, we do offer useful tips and proven resources to assist you with your wedding.

For more detailed information
Ceremony Rental Agreement Form (5-page pdf)
Reception Rental Agreement Form (6-page pdf)
Ceremony & Reception Rental Agreement Form (6-page pdf)



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