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Verna House

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Newspaper clipping showing original location on Ash Street and condition of the house
before moving it to San Diego Avenue soon after.

County parks workers remove an old, crumbling wall, not original to the property.

Before The Verna House was never meant to stay at this location and therefore was put
directly on the ground without a foundation. Here, the house has been raised to facilitate the
installation of a cement foundation.

After Full renovation complete



A new roof had to be installed which gave us the opportunity to replace it with a historically correct multi-shingled wood roof.

Installation in process. The new shingles are painted in alternating stripes of terra cotta and off white.

Installation complete

Interior work: walls were replastered, and floors and windows restored amid the system in place to hold up the walls and ceiling during the renovation process.

New paint and refinished floors

One of the restored windows

Merchandise displayed and ready for the grand opening

An interested customer

Left to right Then County Parks and Recreation Assistant Director, now Director Brian Albright; SOHO
Executive Director Bruce Coons, former SOHO President Beth Montes (deceased), and County Supervisor
Ron Roberts cut the ribbon for the grand opening of the shop.


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