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October 13

Warner-Carrillo Stage Coach Rides

Warner-Carrillo Ranch House
29181 San Felipe Road, Warner Springs CA 92086
On the S2/half mile east of the 79 junction

Come ride the stage coach from the Warner-Carrillo Ranch House out to the Kimball Wilson Store, much as was done in the late 1800's on the Butterfield Stage line. The journey will take approximately 45 minutes round trip.

Upon your return, step inside the Ranch House for an in depth tour. Built in 1857, the Warner-Carrillo Ranch House served as the Butterfield Stage Stop and was California's first regular overland stage connection with St. Louis. With its multilayered history, the adobe ranch house tells the story of the emigrant trail, the overland stage, and the prominent ranching history of the area.

TICKETS (Purchase the day of onsite)
SOHO Members $15
Non-members $25



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