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September 7, 2017

History Alive
RCP Block & Brick - A Hometown Story for the Ages

H. Lee House Cultural Center
3205 Olive Street, Lemon Grove

In 1947 Pfc. Marvin Finch, 20, was honorably discharged from the army. This young man saw the forest for the trees in the booming post war era when growing populations needed housing and commercial buildings. That's why he invested his $400 saved-up pay from the Army Air Corps in an ownership share in a concrete block-making business—and RCP (Revolutionized Concrete Products) was born.

Though now one of California's major construction and hardscape businesses, RCP is still family-owned and operated, with sons Michael and Tom Finch, daughters Kathy Finch Olsen and Sharon Finch Regano, brother Dick Finch, and long-time partner Gene Chubb carrying on Marvin's vision of a full-service company run with integrity, high quality products and skill.

Nobody gets to this point from a lone pickup truck without some tough times, heartache and fluctuating returns. Join us on Sept. 7 for the whole story of what has made this special company "tick" so well for so long.This edition of History Alive is suitable for ages 12 and over. The lecture series is always free, though donations are greatly appreciated. For more information call (619) 460-4353.

Videotaping History Alive lectures is underwritten by a Community Enhancement Grant from the San Diego County Board of Supervisors on the recommendation of Supervisor Dianne Jacob, District 2. Ancillary costs are underwritten in part by the Mary England Endowment for Education.



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