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Throughout 2015

The Marston House Museum & Gardens will be producing several exhibitions with accompanying publications, lectures, tours, and related events from February through November of 2015 in honor and celebration of the Panama-California and California Pacific International Expositions.

Balboa Park Exposition Designers 1915-1935
February 6-November 30
In partnership with the San Diego AIA Preservation Committee, the architects, designers, and landscape architects of the two expositions will be showcased. From the well known Bertram G. Goodhue, Carlton Monroe Winslow, Frank P. Allen, Jr., and Richard Requa to the lesser known, but as integral to each Exposition's design, Paul Thiene, Juan Larrinaga, and A.K. Tamai. The work of over 20 of the most significant designers will be presented with an exhibition of drawings and photographs with accompanying publications, lectures, and architectural tours.

Souvenirs & Keepsakes:
Memorabilia of the 1915 & 1935 Expositions

February 6-November 30
The tourism movement of the turn of the century as experienced by San Diego's Exposition visitors will be explored through the personal objects that were eagerly sought after and collected, such as buttons, pennants, postcards, coins, and jewelry. These keepsakes have been handed down through the generations as tangible historical mementos of the Expositions, and continue to be cherished to this day.

Art of the Park, 100 Years of Art in Balboa Park (1915-2015)
April 17-September 21
The Park as Muse is the theme for what is one of the nation's most beautiful and most painted parks. Artists have recognized Balboa Park as a monumental work of art in itself, for both its natural beauty and landscaped vistas, and for its stunning built environment of the architecture of the Panama-California and California Pacific International Expositions. Period artists will be exhibited along with today's foremost San Diego artists, all featuring only Balboa Park. Art shows in the garden will accompany the exhibition once a month on Sundays for six months showcasing San Diego artists.

Exposition Memories:
The music, literature and decorative arts of the 1915 San Diego Exposition

April 17-November 30
The Exposition highlighted the literary and artistic heritage of California and the greater Southwest, creating widespread interest in the region at a time when writers, artists, and intellectuals were prominent in daily life.

Exhibits are located throughout the museum, and will showcase the rich artistic and cultural heritage of the Exposition, with a varied collection of music, literature and decorative arts.



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