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The Yes Team

November 2 at 7pm
Whaley House Garden Stage

The Yes TeamBack in 2010, We Three Sailors (Kinnie Dye, Jonathan Walsh, and TJ Moss) took a big chance. We bought a used purple van on Craigslist. If that wasn't scary enough, (it was) we drove Purple Reign from New York City to San Diego in search of sunshine and harmony. And boy howdy, we found both.

Since then, we have turned our music into our full time profession. We have crossed the country 10 times. Wow! Just saying that out loud makes me anxious. We've played in living rooms to main stages and everything in between. Since then, a lot of people have said YES to The Yes Team.

Our mission is simple: to spread unity through harmony! Our voices blend because our hearts are wide open. We sing because we were born to. We travel because that's how the YES is spread. If it weren't for that purple van, who knows where we'd be.

A little YES goes a long way. So join us in this journey. We need all the love, light, friendship, fanship, inspiration, connection, and collaboration that this world has to offer. Become an Affirminator today. Say YES! You'll be glad you did. And so will we.

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