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The Sometimes

October 31 at 4pm · November 1 at 3pm · November 2 at 5:30pm
Whaley House Garden Stage

The SometimesThe Sometimes are a trio of musicians committed to playing older traditional American folk and country music, as well as traditional songs in Spanish. An award-winning vocalist, Sandé Lollis searches long and hard to find lesser known tunes to interpret and share with today's public, often striking chords with childhood memories. Her vocals are strong and to the point, touching and poignant. Karen Childress-Evans brings a classic sensibility to the trio, both on viola and in backing vocals. She is the ultimate team player, always looking for ways to make us all shine. John Seever plays harmonica and has a special affinity for the laying down an intricate simplicity under the other instruments, yet also imbues all he plays with a driving and explosive passion. Each member of The Sometimes brings years of experience and individual talent together to blend the old with the new, to create musical bliss.

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2476 San Diego Avenue · San Diego CA 92110 · Phone (619) 297-9327
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