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Derby-Pendleton House

Derby-Pendleton House

One of a dozen prefabricated houses shipped to San Diego from Maine in 1850 by one of San Diego's founders William Heath Davis, and purchased by Don Juan Bandini in 1851. Known for his distinguished politeness and hospitality, Bandini was one of San Diego's most prominent citizens of the time.

Lt. George Horatio Derby, an engineer in the United States Topographical Corps who surveyed the San Diego River rented this house from 1853-1854, during the construction of the Derby Dike. Derby is best remembered as one of the foremost humorists of the 19th century. Squibob and John Phoenix were two of his pseudonyms, and in 1855 he published his best-known work, Phoenixiana.

Around 1855, George Allen Pendleton purchased the house from Bandini. Pendleton served as county clerk and recorder, using the house as his office and for storage of county records as well as his home. Many of the real estate transactions covering the subdividing and sale of Downtown San Diego were recorded here. Pendleton lived in the house until his death in 1871.

To make way for the U.S. 101 Freeway (now Interstate 5), the house was moved about three blocks to this location from 3877 Harney Street on October 17, 1962. Since 2002, it has housed the offices of Save Our Heritage Organisation (SOHO), San Diego's only countywide historic preservation organization and local partner with the National Trust for Historic Preservation.

The Derby-Pendleton House is not open to the public for touring at this time.

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