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Board of Directors

Annual Call for Nominations

A director is expected to attend monthly Board of Directors meetings where they will address timely issues, establish policies, and direct the organization's assets to fulfill the goals and mission of SOHO. Each board member is also required to be on at least one committee. There are several committees and sub-committees to choose from.

Leadership as a director includes participating at events by attending and/or in planning or working on, recruiting new members, and developing funding. In essence, each director promotes volunteerism by example, expands SOHO's assets, and works as an ambassador for the organization to the community.

Knowledge of historic preservation law and advocacy procedures is not mandatory, but sensitivity to the subject, a love of historic sites and cultural landscapes, and the willingness to learn are essential. Any member in good standing may submit his or her own name for consideration.

Prior to being voted into office by the general membership, each nomination is reviewed by the Board Development Committee and is ratified by the current Board of Directors. Election of Officers and Directors will take place at the Annual Meeting on September 15.

Volunteerism with SOHO is a good way to gain experience for a board position. If you would like to get involved as a board member but feel you are not quite ready please consider joining one of our many committees.



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