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Twenty Years of Preservation Efforts in San Diego - 1985
By Kathleen Flanigan

President Sue Skala
Vice President Mary Ellen Munyon
Vice President of Education Joe Jones
Vice President of Government Affairs Gary Rees/Kathleen Kelley-Markham
Treasurer David Goldberg/Kathryn Lyon
Kristen Aliotti
Paul Amidei
Chuck Connors
Gail Connors
Harry Evans
Christy Freeman
Bruce Herms
Joy Higginbotham
Carl Luhman
Gary Thomas

SOHO commenced its first series of restoration workshops, "Restoration, Renovation and Rehabilitation: The California Bungalow" on January 30 in the Harman House, built in 1910 in Mission Hills. The sessions were thorough and covered the history of bungalows, interior and exterior wood finishing techniques, interior furnishings, decoration and other topics. SOHO President, Mary Joralmon, a Coronado interior designer, and restorationist Jim Gibson conducted the seminars. The participants also toured several homes of class members where they received tips from experts on restoration techniques. This well-attended series educated the rehabilitation-hungry public and encouraged SOHO to continue this emphasis in later years.

In May, SOHO received a $500 grant from the Western Regional Office of the National Trust fro Historic Preservation to help finance its proposed "Primer for Preservation," a basic guide on how to save historic structures. The A.I.A. and Women In Architecture provided matching funds for the project. The book, scheduled for release in the fall of 1989, will list incentives for property owners interested in historic preservation, including tax advantages associated with restoration. It will also discuss resources available and procedures necessary for researching a building's history, establishing liaison with local governmental agencies and preservation groups and application procedures for both local and national site designations.

In another vein, "A Victorian Summer's Eve," held on July 28 in Heritage Park, offered culinary delights ranging from hors d'oeuvres and desserts in each of the seven buildings now in the preserve. The food was reflective of the history of each of the structures. The $15 feast also featured house tours, Dixieland music, and an art auction. Recipes of the delicious fare were shared with participants.

Architect Sue Skala, elected president of SOHO in September, encouraged "Partners In Preservation" projects through which the organization would purchase an old house for rehabilitation in San Diego. As it underwent renovation, the building would serve as a location for SOHO workshops and subsequently be sold, enabling the "Partners In Preservation" to move into another neighborhood. Unfortunately, the organization never found an affordable site to begin this program.

Skala also encouraged SOHO to become involved in more neighborhood communities like Little Italy and to work with the New School of Architecture to create educational programs and to produce professional seminars focusing on preservation. During Skala's term, SOHO also hired its first staff person, Development Director Dot Brovarney.

At long last, Horton Plaza was rededicated in formal ceremonies on September 28, with Mayor Roger Hedgecock presiding and the historic City Guard Band playing. Hedgecock, amongst SOHO members and city officials, presented a plaque to the City and SOHO members which stated, "Save Our Heritage Organisation with the Mayor and City Council and the Centre City Development Corporation proudly rededicate Horton Plaza on the occasion of its 75th anniversary to the people of San Diego, September 28, 1985-Honorable Roger Hedgecock, Mayor." After the ceremony, the plaque was installed in the plaza for posterity to view. SOHO had won another preservation battle!

On October 15, SOHO and the Horton League celebrated the seventy-fifth anniversary of the installation of the historic electric fountain at Horton Plaza. The event featured music by the City Guard Band, which throughout the years had entertained audiences at this location. SOHO staged a re-enactment of the original dedication in 1910, complete with period decorations. Following the festivities, the Broadway Department Store hosted a $40 per person benefit for the Horton League and SOHO.

SOHO featured La Jolla in its annual tour held on October 13. Buses left every fifteen minutes starting at 9 a.m. and continued until 2 p.m. from Park Row Park in La Jolla. Participants visited the La Valencia Hotel, the John Andrews house at 7910 Prospect Place, the La Jolla Women's Club and the Kautz House.




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