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Twenty Years of Preservation Efforts in San Diego - 1980
By Kathleen Flanigan

President Carol Lindemulder
Vice President Larry Ford
Vice President of Education Jan Kitchel
Vice President of Government Affairs Ruth Padgett
Secretary Carole Frick
Treasurer Sally Johns
Mary Dell Worthington
Joan Easly
Cathy Grigsby (Alternate)
Charles Hellerich
Bruce Herms (Alternate)
Joe Jones
Gwen McFarland (Alternate)
Matt Potter
Donna Regan
Pat Schaelchlin
Michael Sullivan

SOHO sought to further encourage a positive working-relationship with public officials and its organization at a general meeting held on February 11. Councilman Bill Mitchell and County Supervisor Jim Bates spoke on preservation efforts in San Diego from the point of view of politicians. President Carol Lindemulder offered her "State of Preservation" address to the group. As a result, SOHO vowed to halt confrontations with business, government and property owners over saving old buildings and instead to work toward cooperation in the cause.

A major tour of 1980 concentrated on the East San Diego County area. Held on July 26, the $8 admission price covered an air-conditioned bus tour of La Mesa, Spring Valley and El Cajon, a guided walk up La Mesa's historic Date Avenue, and tours of the McKinney home in La Mesa, the Bancroft ranch house in Spring Valley, and the Knox Hotel in El Cajon.

SOHO implemented a Preservation Easement Program in late 1980, which provided protection for historic commercial and residential building facades in perpetuity. With the façade easement, the owner voluntarily relinquishes his property rights of the publicly visible façades to a non-profit group, which guarantees the structure's future integrity. The agreement between the two runs with the land and binds future owners. Properties eligible are listed on the National Register of Historic Places or are considered contributing structures in a historic district. The façade easement donation provides tax advantages to the donors in the form of a charitable contribution income tax write-off, decreased estate taxes, and oftentimes a reduced tax assessment on the property. The first two façade easements granted to SOHO were the Cliff House at 2204 Cliff Drive and the Sherman-Judson residence at 1930 1st. Over the years, many other commercial and residential structures have been added to the SOHO roster, including the Wisteria Cottage (John Cole's Book Store) at 780 Prospect Street in La Jolla in 1981; the Senator Hotel at 1st and F, the Callan Hotel at 5th and Island, and the Brunswig Drug Company at 5th and K, all in 1984; and most recently the Mission Brewery on Hancock Street in 1989.

Façade easements are enforced with yearly inspections conducted for SOHO by professionals, which aim to alert the owner to any restoration or structural problems.




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Four Decades of Historic Preservation
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